Company introduction

Who are we?

Cube design was founded in 2001, a company based in Shenzhen, a local architectural design firm with international vision and influence. Has established a branch in Shenzhen, Beijing, Germany, China, Canada, Toronto, Altenburg. In 2006, registered in Shenzhen City, Cooper architectural design firm limited itself to cube English name "CUBE" for a class qualified architectural firm.
Cube design in residential, office, commercial, tourism, educational, cultural and other areas has over 15 years of professional knowledge and experience, from 400 aspects of creative talent, learn from experience and technology, to create a respect for the environment, in harmony with real needs, both excellent design innovations and sustainable development.

Our service

Cube design has grown into a comprehensive design service provider with rich experience in design and control

supervision. It can provide customers with one-stop design services including planning, architecture, landscape, interior design, structure and equipment consultation. In the process of project operation, we always maintain keen insight and broad international vision for the market, and fully explore the value of our customers under the premise of respecting the city, the public interest and the market. Over the years, we have been widely recognized by customers, industry and the public with the creative thinking of programme design, the highly control of the quality of construction and the full featured service.

Our idea

We wish to use the design to convey goodwill, and to improve the human environment and life. In the work process, and always the quality of the building itself and the value will be as the first meaning of design, which is committed to the projects of residential, public buildings, style, complex, city planning, construction and other details to actively participate in the construction of city wide trend, fully tap and the pursuit of the meaning of architecture culture and social value.

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