Hengbang Building

South China, Shenzhen, Guangdong






conceptual design



The project is located in the axis of the two major cities of Shenzhen, the center of the axis of “Smart Square – Xiangnian Square – Shen Guotou Square” and the axis of “High-tech Park-OCT-Futian CBD”. The plot planning is to promote the urban space continuity of the central axis. Stretching plays an important role. As another city skyscraper project, it is required to meet high quality, identifiable and multi-space, and establish a respectful and consistent relationship with the surrounding high-level buildings to jointly demonstrate the modern urban style of Shenzhen. Just like all the first-class office buildings in the world, the overall design of Hengbang Building is simple and straightforward, recognizable and adaptable to the surrounding environment, demonstrating the design style of modern office buildings.

Experience first space strategy
In order to provide a rich space experience and create a leisurely and comprehensive comprehensive office space, the project has established a series of different functional units, such as a rooftop private clubhouse, a corporate exclusive air lobby, a three-dimensional garden, a commercial space, and a negative commercial sink. Squares, etc., let people have a space to walk and chat outside the office, relax and inspire.

The main entrance creates the concept of a “bridge”. Stepping into the lobby and entering the lobby, both sides are covered, the upper and lower are all connected, and the inner and outer spaces are connected and infiltrated, like the bridge courtyard. The interior of the lobby is shaped like a wedge-shaped sky, creating a Gothic space experience that gives a strong sense of ritualism and dignity as soon as you enter. The lobby and the first-floor commercial street are connected by the sunken plaza, and the clear path runs through the back-shaped block, allowing people to flow and increase the commercial atmosphere. The lobby and the business are infiltrated, the office and the green are integrated, and the building space is open and inclusive.

Natural greening is particularly important in reinforced concrete urban construction and high-pressure work environments. We broke the previous relationship between the building and the natural landscape. The underlying overhead formed a gray space and introduced greenery in the indoor atrium. The second floor retired to create a roof garden, and the public garden extended to the upper part of the building. Plants infiltrate on the tower, forming a number of green aerial platforms, and the transformation of plants and humans is like a natural air purifier. Form a green office layout in which the green space and office space are scattered and the people and plants are integrated.

Integrated facade strategy
The creation of the design is a seemingly simple process that contains the aesthetics of the architect and the process of careful consideration. Cutting on the basic body block, reducing the volume, to reduce the bulkiness of the volume is the first step; then the two pieces of the body are rotated around the axis to form a micro-folded skin, creating a sculptural sense; The epidermis brings a rich variety of light and shadow, while reflecting the logo "H" of the state, giving the building its uniqueness.

The overall fa?ade is composed of a unitized curtain wall, and the unitized curtain wall method not only saves cost but also facilitates construction and installation. The fa?ade is designed in an integrated manner, and the ventilation slots are hidden behind the glass curtain wall, so that the fa?ade ensures indoor ventilation without opening the window and maintains the integrity of the fa?ade. The large-width glass curtain wall gives indoors an unobstructed wide view, which is one of the characteristics of high-quality office space.

The east and west facades are provided with sunshade members to block direct sunlight; the north and south facades are kept ventilated, and fewer sunshade members are provided to leave a complete glass surface. The fa?ade is designed according to the local climatic conditions, so that the building provides a comfortable interior environment during the season of change in Shenzhen.

This is a modern office building, whether it is based on the experience of people to increase the public leisure and green space, or based on the aesthetic and quality of the body block cutting and fa?ade design, etc., are fully considering the location, climate Under the conditions of cost and other factors, combined with the spatial composition and the ingenious use of modern technology and materials, the best results are obtained.

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