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Office、General Headquarters、Integrated functions

The project is located in the southern area of the High-tech Industrial Park in Nanshan District, Shenzhen. The north side is Baishi Road, the west side is Science and Technology South Road, the east side is Shahe West Road, the south side is Gaoxin Nanshi Road east side is Shahe West Road, and the south side is Gaoxin Nanshi Road, with a land area of 20,3080.8 square meters and a total construction area of 1,870,147.24 square meters, the project is a multi-function including R&D, office, hotel, commercial and apartment. On the basis of scientific and reasonable solution of various functional requirements, we are committed to building a forward-looking, high-tech enterprise headquarters service platform that is forward-looking and meets the needs of the times.

Shenzhen Bay Science and Technology Park is a third-generation industrial park built by vertical cities and green buildings. It is a new-generation park integrating production, life and ecology. The total construction scale is 1.87 million square meters, 70% of which is research and development, attracting high-tech enterprise headquarters, strategic emerging industry research and development bases, and 30% supporting the park, including office, commercial, hotel and apartment functions. The traditional industrial park has been changed, and only the pendulum layout without life is produced.

In the planning and design, the new model of urban design with three-dimensional stratification, realize the treasure of the land with the guiding ideology of symbiotic sharing and win-win coexistence, and build a third-generation science and technology park with green ecology. The local block stipulates a plot ratio of 6.0, creatively organizes traffic and space with the triple public and semi-public interfaces of the urban, community, and enterprise layers to create a spatial, functional, humanized, and ecological urban space.

Investment and financing, development and construction, operation and management of an integrated ecological model, providing incubation, venture capital, financing guarantees to the market counseling, IPO capital operation of the whole process of financial services. Introduce and support national laboratories, public technology platforms, administrative services, enterprise management, talent exchange, logistics consulting and intermediary services to provide a full range of system services for enterprises in the region. Casting the park to maximize the life cycle benefits, there is speed and quality.

The four green technology sectors and the 18th green technology system ensure the park's low consumption, low emissions, high performance, high comfort, green and gold, and create benefits. As a national low-carbon ecological demonstration park, the project will achieve full coverage of green buildings. In the whole life cycle of the building, the maximum resource saving, reduce the operating costs of the enterprise, thereby improving social and environmental benefits; creating a pleasant environment for the park, thereby improving human life efficiency.

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