Happy Qihe Creative Park,Fantsia







Intergrated design


Cultural and creative park

Adhere to the overall sense of architectural design and the happiness experience brought by content elements, and exert influence and attraction from the spirit. We use the four methods of “color, element, landscape and scale” to refine the whole park. The plan uses planning partition and three main axes. Combined with the layout method, each group is presented in a concise manner to create a comfortable and interesting overall layout of the park. We uniformly paint or clean the wall to preserve the texture and posture of the original building. It is made of aluminum frame and glass and incorporates modern elements. Maximize the use and preservation of the basic conditions of the park's internal buildings, roads, pipe corridors, preserve the park's characteristics and memories, use the elevated features to create different heights of experience, enrich the park's space and vision, and through the creation of office and industry, The keynote of the cultural innovation and art of the park is to introduce the concept of “community+” and “park+” to create a healthy and dynamic, open and shared theme and contextualized creative office park.

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