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The project base is located in tangchi town, lujiang county, hefei city, anhui province, which is zhou yu's hometown, hot spring town and mining county. Lujiang county is near chaohu lake in the northeast, dabie mountain in the west, Yangtze river in the south and hangbu river in the north. Lusjiang beautiful ecological, four seasons pleasant, tourism resources are quite rich. Around building LuJiang into "east China area has a certain influence of landscape garden city of tourism, the goal and positioning of historical and cultural city in anhui, the county government has introduced a 16 preferential policies to speed up the development of tourism, a total investment 600 million yuan, in the original" sunny haze, smelting father chicken moon sets, Huang Bei hazeline, embroidered stream spring up, Taurus WanTiao, Snow White, water poon hearing, green shade the fishing ", on the basis of old scenery, such as the newly developed more than 3 a scenic spot, 2 provincial key cultural relics protection unit 4, elaborate the development of more than 20 series of tourism commodity, the market is very popular. In 2006, tangchi golden peacock hot spring resort, famous for its hot spring tourism, was rated as national 4A scenic spot and four-star hotel. Anhui golden peacock tourism resort is now striving to build a national 5A scenic spot. The main body of golden peacock hot spring physical examination center was completed, and the construction of golden peacock five-star hotel began. Guoxuan Athena hotel was officially operated, the hot spring palace structure was capped before the Spring Festival, the total investment of 1.6 billion yuan guoxuan soup pool film and television city was officially broken ground in tangchi town on May 22, 2011. Tangchi hot spring tourism resort has completed investment of more than 1 billion yuan. Golden peacock hot spring tourism resort has been rated as national 4A scenic spot. Tangchi town has successively won the titles of national beautiful environment town, best tourist town in anhui province, second batch of red tourist town, ten famous towns in jianghuai and so on.

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Hui township food town - tangchi east area town business

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